Cardiology Services

First Cardiology Asessment

Cost 130€ / Comprises consultation, physical examination and a 12-lead electrocardiogram.

  • First assessment for clinical or sports cardiology
  • Also the approriate choice for a second medical opinion

Follow Up Consultation

Price 100€ , does NOT include any diagnostic test. / 50€ for Sports Cardiology planning continuation

  • For test results assessment.
  • Follow up of treatment efficacy.
  • Sports cardiology training follow up


Cost 60€. It’s possible to share test results through the videoconsultation platform in PDF or JG format. A phone, chat or e-mail consultation can also be performed if prefered.

  • A dedicated platform (Powered by Doctoralia or TopDoctors) is used to provide the service through either videoconsultation, phone consultation, chat or e-mail consultation.
  • Prescriptions for tests or treatments can be performed through this method.
  • The platform will allow us to share the screen if needed to comment on results.

At- Home consultation

Contact by e-mail to discuss details.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) 12-leads

Cost 40€. Report performed at the same visit.

  • 12 lead ECG (Electrocardiogram) when prescribed by another physician or for pre surgical purposes. The report will be provided instantly.

Cardiac Doppler Ultrasound or Echocardiogram

Cost 180€. Report provided at the same visit. Possibility of adding Global Longitudinal Strain analysis (GLS) by Speckle Tracking technology at a supplementary 50€ fee.

  • Assessment of the heart’s function and structure including chambers, valves and great vessels through ultrasound technique.
  • Adding the Global Longitudinal Strain analysis will provide further assessment of subclinical features in myocardiopahies, chemotheray induced cardiomyopathi, or to further increase the sensitivity of the test.
  • Performed in a last genertion Philips Affinity CVX equipment.

Cardiac Stress Tests

Two modalities:

Conventional: With ECG (electrocardiogram) and Blood pressure assessment to stratify risk. Cost 160€

CPET (Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test) that will aso add oxygen consumption (VO2 Max assessment) and real-time spirometry to assess pulmonary function as well. Cost 250€

  • Performed in either a treadmill (walking or running) or in a Bycicle ergometer.
  • The conventional test will stratify the risk at exertion and will rule out ischemic heart disease (coronary artery obstruction preventing the heart to receive enough blood supply) and some arrhythmic diseases.
  • The CPET will also determine the VO2 Max (maximal exercise capacity) and our aerobic capacity allowing athletes to enhace their performance by training more efficiently and patients suffering from a heart condition to increase their quality of life by reducing the risk at exertion.
  • The real time spirometry will help us assess pulmonary diseases that will prevent patients to exercise. One common and underdiagnosed cause will be, for example, exercise induced asthma.

Oxygen Consumption Test (VO2 Max)

Cost 160€ for the initial one and 100€ if repeated as an evolutive control in the next 3 months. Know your capacities and heart rate training zones to train more efficiently and minimizing the risk.

  • Either in cycle ergometer or in a treadmill (walking or running)
  • Ventilatory Threshold assessments to assess the heart rate training zones for training and competition.
  • VO2 Max determination to assess your progress as long with the threshold analysis.
  • It’s possible to estimate the amount of carbohydrate intake for each heart rate zone at training or competition.
  • Since this test does NOT assess risk, will only be performed with the following conditions:
    • Recent cardiac stress test (<12 months ) and no symptons while exercising, or
    • Regular athletes or sportsmen or women, younger than <35 y-o for men or <40 y-o for women, without symptoms while exercising and no history of syncope (fainting) or close relatives younger that 35 years old that passed away or ar suffering from a heart condition.
    • Otherwise, the Sports Aptitude Cardiac Check-Up with VO2 Max is advised since it will also provide hart risk assessment by adding the conventional stress test.

ECG Rhythm Holter

24 hours (aprox.) Holter monitor to detect arrhythmias during a complete day. Patients will carry the device home and deliver it the next day.

  • 3 Leads ECG Holter Cost 140€
  • 12 Leads ECG Holter. Cost 170€ (further assess arrhythmia origin and improves ischemia detection)

It’s possible to perform 48h or longer Holters.


Also possible to create a self report journal of 7 days with the Kardia Alive Cor 6-L device and assess it in office (more comfortable option).

Blood Pressure Holter (ABPM or Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitori)

The ultimate diagnostic test for hypertension. Cost 110€

Patient will carry a blood pressure monitor device for a complete day to assess several blood pressure measures also while sleeping. The patient will return the device the next day, report in 72 hours.

Stress Echocardiogram

This tests will enhance the ability to detect ischemia of the cardiac stress tests with the ECG monitoring while adding imaging assessment with Cardiac Ultrasound.

  • A basal cardiac ultrasound will be performed to assess at rest heart contractility or valvular function.
  • After performing a maximal exercise test another assessment will be performed to compare the heart function.

Cost 250€


Fist Cardiology Consultation with ECG and Cardiac Doppler Ultrasound

In order to increase the diagnostic yield and possibilities of treatment in the first medical contact, an ECG is performed to assess cardiac rhythm and a Cardiac Doppler Ultrasound is also performed to assess the heart structure and function (including valvular, pericardial, and great vessel disease) .

Cost 250€ (60€ reduction)

Cardiac Check Up

The most complete first assessment. A first consultation with electrocardiogram, cardiac doppler Ultrasound to assess heart structre and function and the cardiac exercise stress tests to assess the response to exertion and rule out ischemic heart disease, detect arrhythmias or exaggerated blood pressure responses.

Cost 350€ ( and additional VO2 Max test can be added +70€ to assess exercise capacities and determine the heart rate training zones)

Sports Cloths or Comfortable cloths are required.

Sports Aptitude CheckUp

This check up is designed for people willing to know if they want to exercise without risk and/or athletes needing a FIT certificate with a stress test.

Cost 200€. It’s possible to add the VO2 Max Test +80€ to assess exercise capacities and to have the sports planning consultation + 50€

  • An interview, physical exammination is performed followed by a screening cardiac doppler ultrasound to detect pathology (report not included, is only fit screening) and a stress test with the report.

This certificate will not provide diagnostic information or the consultation if pathologies are detected (an upgrade to a complete cardiac check up will be possible if needed )



Hypertension Consultation (with 24h ABPM/Holter)

This service aims to create a more useful consultation for patients suspected to be hypertensive or under blood pressure control.

On the first day, a Blood Pressure Holter is placed and patients will go home with it.

On the next day, the information registered will be used in the consultation providing a certain diagnosis and treatment if needed.

Cost: 200€ (Includes consultation and Blood Pressure Holter)

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